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About Game Points

When I was first learning about chess, I was told that there were point values associated with all pieces except for the King.  The following table shows the point values for each piece:

Queen 9
Rook 5
Bishop 3
Knight 3
Pawn 1

So, if you have captured 2 Pawns and a Rook from your opponent, you would have 7 Points (1 point for each Pawn, and 5 points for the Rook)

The points you see next to each players name at the top of the game page represent points captured and remaining for each player. For example, if a player has this score: 21/18, that means that player has captured 21 points worth of his/her opponents pieces, and he/she has 18 points worth of pieces remaining on the board.

I have seen chess sites on the net that have mentioned variations on these point values (I think one said that Bishops were worth 3.5 points).  Anyway, I use the point system shown above.

There is no official use for the points as far as I know.  What I mean is, you don't win if the game ends in a draw but you have more points than your opponent.  They are just there for your information.

Thanks for using Stan's NetChess!!!