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What is Stan's NetChess all about?

Stan's NetChess is a FREE internet chess playing service (with an option to subscribe to get some enhanced services). Started in January of 1998, the site was originally not automated. People would submit moves for their games, and once or twice a day, I would update the games and transfer the game pages out to the net.

On March 29, 1999, the site became fully automated. That means that all actions performed here at Stan's NetChess are now verified and applied immediately.

On January 1, 2001, we started allowing subscriptions to the site. Subscribing is totally optional. No Free functionality was taken away when we went to the subscription stuff. There are some enhanced services you can read about as you get used to the site.

The most important thing to understand about this site is that the games are not intended to be played in their entirety in one sitting. There are many chess sites on the net that allow people to play "live", with rooms full of people waiting to play, chat windows and all kinds of cool stuff. I hate to have you go, but if you are looking to play a live game right now, you'll have to go elsewhere. Yahoo.com has a great games area - you might want to start there. For other suggestions, check out the Chess Links page at Stan's NetChess.

This site is geared toward people that don't have time to sit and play a full game all at once. Games are started through Challenges that indicate the pace desired in the game. Some people will want to make one move every day, while others will want to make many moves per day.

After you register, you'll want to check out Challenge Central. At Challenge Central, you can accept a PUBLIC challenge or make PUBLIC and PRIVATE challenges. With a PUBLIC challenge, you specify what Skill Level you want your opponent to be. With a PRIVATE challenge, you specify exactly who you want to play against and that player has the option to accept or reject your challenge.

Wow, if you made it this far, you are probably interested in playing here! That's great! To get started, you will have to Register - all you need is a valid E-Mail address. Go to the Player Registration page, fill out the registration information, and HAVE FUN!

Thanks for using Stan's NetChess!
Stan Steliga