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Associate Tournaments

These tournaments are run
by players at Stan's NetChess for players at Stan's NetChess.

For Subscribers of Stan's NetChess there are Site Tourneys that you might want to check out also!
The Main Event
 Gandhi Mangler
This is a tournament for non-subscribers with the winner receiving a 1-year subscription compliments of FingerSlip.
 Challenge Ladder
5 different ladders - one for each skill level. Sign-ups have now started! (Nov. 2, 2001)
 The King's Tournament
 The King
This is a "Knock-Out" tournament starting with 16 players.
 Blacula's Associate Gambit Thematics
There are six different gambit openings to choose from.
White Knight Tournament
 Metal Man
Multiple Tournaments for all skill levels and one for subscribers only.
Nukem's Chess Tournament
Another one with a Tournament for each skill level.
A Double- Elimination Tournament and a "Swiss" Tournament.
Battle of Denial's Tournaments
 Battle of Denial
Tournaments for each skill level.
Biotoop's Chess Tournaments
Tournaments for subscribers and non-subscribers.
Andreas' Tournaments
If that doesn't work try this:
Andreas' Tournaments
Tournaments for each skill level.
Tornado Alley Chess Tournament

URL Updated Aug 19, 2001
Tournament for players of all levels.
 Link's season-playoffs Tourney
A Chess League.
THE TOURNEY: The Search for the PETE CUP
Season and Playoffs.
 LloydUK's Tourney
Anyone who plays at Stan's NetChess is welcome.
 Yassen's First Knock-Out Chess Tournament
Knock-out style tournament for all players of Stan's NetChess.
Chess tournaments for all skill levels.
 Savin's Swiss Tournaments
Swiss style tournament for all players of Stan's NetChess.
Tournaments for teams of 4 players each representing their countries.
 Stan's NetChess Associate NetTeam Tourney
 sdr46 and friends (NetTeam)
NetTeam is designed to allow team matches between 4-person teams. The tournament will be organized so that teams and players have matches against teams and players of similar strength.
 Stan's NetPlayers League
Leagues for all players.

If you want to start a tourney of your own, you can use Stan's NetChess to play the games, but you must follow the following rules:

  • It must be free for users to participate. You can profit from advertising, but there can be no entry fees.
  • I strongly suggest that there be no prizes. There are many people using computers to play the games for them.
  • The Tournament director must identify themself, including an e-mail address for users to contact with questions. Each Tournament Director can also appoint up to 2 Co-Directors that will have ability to present awards to people that do well in the tournament.

Send an E-Mail to Stan Steliga at stan@stansco.com if you would like your Tournament listed here.