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Chess Puzzles

8-QueensThis is the classic puzzle where you have to place 8 queens on a board without any being able to capture any other. This was submitted by Robert Sedlar. Check out Rob Sedlar's Game Page
8-Queens with helpThe same puzzle, but this one will help you by showing all squares under attack as you place the queens. This was submitted by Robert Sedlar. Check out Rob Sedlar's Game Page

"Knight Moves"

This puzzle requires that you have a JavaScript-enabled browser. The JavaScript implementation of the puzzle was written by Alexandre Varioukhine. He has a cool web page. Check it out.

The goal of the puzzle is to cover the entire board moving the knight from field to field. You win when each field was visited once. If you want to start once again, just press the "Reload" button of your browser.

I have not been able to solve this puzzle, so I'm not even sure that it can be done. Let me know if you are able to do it. The closest I've come is 6 empty squares left (after about 10 tries)

Alexander says:
PS: I heard that Netscape 3.x reports a Javascript error. I am going to rewrite this script later.

UPDATE -- Ok, I was never able to solve this puzzle by hand, so I researched it a little. It turns out there is a mathematical way to solve the problem, so I wrote some JavaScript code to demonstrate how to solve this puzzle. Go to the Puzzle Solutions Page to see how to solve this puzzle.

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