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Chess Puzzle Solutions

"Knight Moves"

This puzzle (and solution) requires that you have a JavaScript-enabled browser. The JavaScript implementation of the puzzle was written by Alexandre Varioukhine. He has a cool web page. Check it out.

The JavaScript solution to this puzzle was written by Stan Steliga.

The goal of the puzzle is to cover the entire board moving the knight from cell to cell. You win when each cell was visited once. I found the solution to this puzzle on another page somewhere on the net. I wish I could give credit, but I can't find it anymore. It turns out that the solution is fairly simple (for a computer). You can start from any square on the board. What you do after the first step is:
  • Check all available fields from the current position. For each one, find the number of open fields that could move to that field.
  • Move to the field that had the least open fields that could jump to it.
I knew I wasn't going to be able to explain it clearly. Re-read it a couple of times and you'll see what I am saying.

To solve this puzzle, just click on any one button below. JavaScript code will take off and number the buttons as it fills the board using the logic above. You can look at the Page Source to see the JavaScript. I'm an experienced programmer, but JavaScript is new to me, so I know that I probably could have done a few things more efficiently, but I'm learning. I'd appreciate any comments about how the code could be different.

Click on one button below to solve puzzle,
Click on the Reset Button below the board to try a different starting cell...

Go back the Puzzles Page to try it using the computer in your head.

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