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New Player Registration

Registering at Stan's NetChess is free and easy!  Just enter a couple of pieces of information below and click on the Submit Registration button.  An E-Mail, containing a special link for you to go to with your browser, will be sent to the E-Mail address you give.
So, you must give a valid E-Mail address in order to register here at Stan's NetChess.

Stan's NetChess is a family-friendly site offering a place for chess players of all ages to participate.  Any potentially offensive content will be removed from the site.

Don't worry if you are not sure of what some of the options mean.  You will be able to change any of this information later.

Required Information

Choose a NickName:
and a Password:
      Please type your password twice.
      Characters allowed in your nickname and password are:
      letters, numbers, '-', '+', '*' and ' ' (space)
      Please Note: Nicknames deemed offensive by Stan
      will be changed.
Your E-Mail Address:
      Final registration instructions
      will be sent to this E-Mail address.
      Registration cannot be completed
      without a valid E-Mail Address!
Your Skill Level:

Keep E-Mail Private?
    No, you can show my E-Mail address here,
            but I understand Stan's NetChess
            will never disclose my E-Mail
            address to any other organization.
    Yes, keep my E-Mail address private.

Optional Information

Your Name:

Your Hometown:
      Please give country at least, and
      use this format:
      Country, State, Town
      Some examples:
      USA, Texas, Dallas
      USA, Florida
      Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Your Homepage Address:
      Make sure you start it with http://

      Your philosophy, motto, or whatever
      you want.  Please keep it clean,
      and not too long.

This information is shown
in the Players Directory
Send E-Mail when your turn?
    No, don't send me E-Mail when it is my turn in a game.
    Yes, send me an E-Mail whenever it is my turn in any game at Stan's NetChess.

Do you want to receive Private Challenges?
    No, I don't want people to challenge me directly.
    Yes, I would like people to challenge me.
        Games at Stan's NetChess are started via Public and Private challenges.
        You will have the option of rejecting any challenges made to you.

How did you hear about Stan's NetChess?

Maximum number of active games per opponent:
        This option pertains to Public Challenges only. When another player tries to accept a Public
        Challenge that you have made, the system will not allow it if the number of active games you
        currently have with that player exceeds this value. (Usage of this option will become more clear
        as you gain experience with the site - and you can always change this value later) 10 is the Maximum.

Which player should be shown at the Bottom of Board?
    Me!, always show me at the bottom of the board.
    White, always show White player at bottom.
    Black, always show Black player at bottom.
    Opponent, always show my opponent at bottom.

What is your preferred Piece Set?
    Large, show me the larger pieces by default.
    Small, show me the smaller pieces by default.
    Tiny, show me the tiny pieces by default (best for WebTV).

        The previous 2 options only affect links from your Player Page.  They allow you to immediately
        see the game in the way you like to see it.  Remember, you will be able to change these settings later.
        Depending on your display settings, the smaller pieces may fit on your screen better.

When you click on the Submit Registration button, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered above. In that e-mail there will be a link for you to go to with your browser. When you go the link in the e-mail, you will enter your Stan's NetChess password and then you will immediately be registered with Stan's NetChess.